Is social media bad for your mental health?

Hello! I’m Sarry from Japan. Do you use social media?
Most people use social media these days.
There are lots of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and recently Tik Tok has gotten popular among teenagers.
Today I’m going to write about the positive and negative effects of social media.



Most popular social media in Japan is…


social media

A survey showed that the most popular social media platform in Japan is Line, followed in order by
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok


Data Quote by(


I often use Line, which is similar to WhatsApp. It’s very good for contacting friends and family, and also for work.
Lots of people use it instead of E-mail to send messages and talk.


I also often use Twitter and Instagram. I used to use Facebook, but I stopped because it was connected to my boss and lots of people at work, so I got tired of it and closed it.


Which Social Media Is the Worst for Your Mental Health.



Articles about Instagram in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other outlets say Instagram is worse for your mental health than other forms of social media. A survey found that it has the most negative effect on the younger generation’s mental health.



I get that because Instagram is mostly for sharing beautiful photos, and Twitter is for writing opinions and other stuff.

Everybody posts only their highlights on Instagram. They just post beautiful photos and food, they will action. That’s not real life; they’re just creating a fake life to compete with friends and others.

You compete to big yourself up in terms of happiness and lifestyle on Instagram, not only with your friends but also with everyone else on the platform.


When you compare your job and your private life to those of others, you feel that your lot isn’t as good as theirs, so you don’t feel good and lose self-confidence. You may end up with depression and suffer from mental illness or addiction.



These articles also said that Instagram is related to depression, body image concerns, self-esteem issues, social anxiety and other problems, and it increases bullying and FOMO.

I’d never seen the word FOMO until I read these articles. It stands for “fear of missing out,” meaning that you feel anxious that you may be left behind if you’re not always connected to other people or information on social media.



Everything happens to everyone.


This rang a bell for me, and it could happen to any of us. I’ve experienced bad feelings from using Instagram.

Nowadays everybody carries a smartphone around all the time – even when with other people, and while eating and brushing your teeth, before sleeping.

Even with friends at a café, people browse their phones all the time.

They’ve become part of the body.

I don’t do that, but if I have time – like on the train or at nighttime – I tend to look at social media.

When I’m on the train I browse Instagram because I have time on my hands. 

I happened to find a guy who I know well on Instagram. His photo was a very beautiful view of the sea from when he was on a trip, and a woman was by his side, but not on the photo but I can imagine through the photo.


I really felt down when I saw the post, and I regretted looking at Instagram.

I’ve experienced mental downsides from looking at Instagram, so I understand that it’s toxic. Lots of people may have experienced this.



Based on this experience, I moved to Twitter and reduced my Instagram usage. 


Too much information makes you uneasy.


Information that you don’t really need is now all over social media, so you lose sight of your true self and always compare yourself with others.


news literacy


Thus, social media certainly has negative effects, but some people can’t give it up even though information reduce is good for your mental health.


I can’t stop, either.

It’s too late, and people all over the world are completely addicted even though everybody knows it’s bad for your mental health.




Hey, Facebook (now Meta), you won, despite the whistleblower reporting.

Congratulations! 🎉✨


Thank you for visiting my page🍀



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