Hong Kong issue

Just two years ago I went to Hong Kong, and at that time China had a “one country, two systems policy regarding the territory.Hong Kong is very exciting and has lots of sightseeing spots, also food is delicious and it’s one of the financial centers of Asia.

I really enjoyed my trip there, and afterward I wanted to go again. The place seemed very democratic. However, the next year Hong Kong faced a threat from China, and this resulted in a standoff.

As you probably know, Hong Kong is in a tough situation because of the national security act that China recently approved. This was very unfortunate because it means that Hong Kong won’t be able to keep its democracy.

The USA, Canada, Australia, and England released a joint statement condemning the act, and I was disappointed that Japan didn’t join them. The Japanese government is planning to welcome Xi Jinping as a national guest. Is this a good idea? I don’t think so.

If I were a resident of Hong Kong I’d want to move to Taiwan or England, two countries that are planning to set up support systems for people from Hong Kong. Recently President Trump has been highly critical of China. Some people have said that this is a reelection strategy. I understand that to an extent, but China causes a lot of problems in the world.

That’s the reality. I believe that only Trump can change the situation.

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