Global change

A lot of bookstores are closed due to the virus, but luckily, a small bookstore near my house is open. I went there to buy something new to read.

Due to the coronavirus, the world has completely changed, and it’s not what people expect. Books are the same – I have some books about the American presidential election and the Hong Kong demonstrations, which are about political issues that will affect the future and so on. However, I’m not really interested in them because they don’t match the current situation in the world.

It’s not only books – show business, like the movie and TV industries, is the same. As you may know, Mission Impossible was supposed to be shooting in Italy, but it was canceled. Movie theaters are closed, and TV stations are showing reruns. Even people in show business have to practice social distancing. They can’t do anything! 

‘Mission: Impossible’ Italy movie shoot delayed by coronavirus

In addition, there’s a rumor that Tom Cruise will shoot an action movie at NASA. It sounds amazing! However, the coronavirus may even spread into space and some of the crew might catch it.

There’s nowhere that’s safe from the coronavirus, even space.
Thank you, Chinese Communist Party! 

Sounds niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!

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