The Environment vs. the Virus

As you know, nobody can stop the Coronavirus pandemic, which is going to keep spreading and kill lots of people all over the world.

According to the media, medical facilities in New York and countries in the EU are being overwhelmed. I’m really afraid because this isn’t something that’s happening to other people anymore. Japan will be soon be in the same situation.

A few days ago Tokyo Gover Koike asked people to please stay home in order to save their lives. Also, a famous Japanese comedian passed away after becoming infected with the virus, which is really sad.

On another topic, enviromental issues are being affected by the virus. To protect yourself from it, it’s strongly recommended that you wash your hands, but developing countries lack water, and some don’t even have enough drinking water.

Washing hands is difficult for people in those countries. 💦(>_<)

Using your own shopping bag is one way to reduce plastic waste and protect the enviroment, vbut some states in the US have prohibited the use of personal shopping bags becasue there’s a risk of the virus ataching iytself to the bag.

Let’s see… what do you think about this ? Will you use your own shopping bag or give up and use plastic bags ? I’m going to use plastic bags for a while, though it’s difficult to say which is better. 

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