The Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus continues to spread, so the news is reporting on it almost everyday. Unfortunately, there’s o sign of an end to the virus yet. Everybody is worried about getting infected because the virus is very contagious, and people aren’t sure of the routes of transmission.

The Japanese gorverment finally took action to stop the spread of the virus, and the first thing they did was close schools.

It seems that there are pros and cons to this because it was so sudden and everybody wa unsure of what to do.

Also , events with large numbers of people are being canceled or postponed. I understand that the goverment wants to avoid clusters of new infections, and for that reason the famous Japansese group Perfume canseled a concert at Tokyo Dome. Lot’s of events are being canceled, and show business has suffered as a result.

On another topic, I have tickets to see the American band Green Day live. They’re going to come at the end of March for a tour of Japan.

I was looking forward to seeing them, but in this situation I’m very worried about it. Also, the CDC has put Japan at Level2 , which means that there’s a travel warming. I don’t think they’re goinf to come to Japan.

Nobody knows when the coutreak will subside, not even the experts.

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