Valentine’s Day

As you’ll know, February 14’s is Valentine’s Day. Oh.. 2 day past.
THis is the busiest day of the year for chocolate companies in Japan. When you go to stores where candy is sold, there are lots of kinds of chocolate on the display tables, and there are also special display for Valentine’s Day. I recently stopped by such a store beause of the beautifully designed chocolate there,and I bought it for some of my friends.

A lot of counyries have created their own original kinds of chocolate, and of course can buy most of these in Japan. Godiva is the best-known foregn btand, Ritz and Bacvhi are also popular in Japan. I like all of these, but they’re not affordable.

Recently another brand of chocolate was released, and it’s a brand-new type. According to a report I saw on the news,it’s called Rubby, and it’s pink. There were pink varieties of chocolate before, but they’re just white chocolate with strawberry powder or something added, while pink is the ture color of Ruby chocolate. I wanted to buy some, but it had alrady sold out. Advertisinf is really powerful.

My favorite brand of chocolate is Patchi which is made in Lebanon. It’s th best-tasting chocolate I’ve ever had. However It’s not sod in Japan and that may be why it seems so special to me…

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