Snow season will come in Japan soon.



Does it snow in your country?
If you’re from a beach resort or warm climate, you may not experience snow.
I live in Japan, which has four distinct seasons, and in winter there’s lots of snow, especially in the northern areas.

Snow seems romantic and makes you feel emotional.
If you visit Japan in winter, you’ll experience snow.
Let me tell you a little bit about snow. I have some funny stories for you. 

snow season



Hokkaido is the best place for winter sports




Speaking of snow, people think of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and Hokkaido and the Tohoku regions of Japan are well known among skiers and tourists. Lots of people from places like Australia, Europe, and other Asian countries visit there to go skiing. It’s a very popular region for them.

However, now they seem to be having some problems.

First, recently it hasn’t been snowing so much due to the influence of global warming.


Second, as you know, coronavirus has been spreading all over the world. The movement of people has stopped, and it’s difficult to travel, especially overseas.


I’m really upset about this. Even Japanese people are finding it hard to visit Hokkaido – oh my god.

I hope the situation gets better before the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Interesting story about snow.


Safety measures at Hokkaido in Japan

By the way, one of my coworkers told me an interesting story about snow. He’s from Hokkaido, so his family lives there and as you can imagine, there’s lots of snow piled up around his family’s house.


As a result, they have to remove the snow around their house. However, they don’t remove the snow from the entrance.

Can you guess why?

I didn’t know, but it sounds intriguing. Apparently, nowadays in Hokkaido, there’s an increase in burglaries. I don’t know why Hokkaido has so many thieves, but my coworker’s family’s house has been burglarized.


The reason they leave the snow at the entrance is so that the thieves’ footprints are left behind. These footprints will be a huge hint for the police in arresting the thief. That makes sense, and it’s a good way to find and arrest thieves. Snow is useful for catching bad people, isn’t it?


Safety measures at Buffalo in New York


On the other hand, in the USA it’s totally different.

My ex-boyfriend also told me an interesting story about snow.

He lived in Buffalo in New York for work for six months, and he stayed there during the winter.

As you know, Buffalo has lots more snow than Japan, so the entrance to his house also had a lot of snow piled up. Well, unlike in Hokkaido, where people don’t remove it, my ex-boyfriend explained that in the USA, you have to remove the snow. It’s the opposite. Sounds interesting!


In the US, if you don’t remove the snow near the entrance, somebody will slip and be injured. Kids really like snow, so they play near the entrance where the snow piles up. If somebody is injured near the entrance to your house, they’ll sue you. I understand that because there are a lot of lawyers in the USA and if people have any problems, they quickly turn to them. To avoid this situation, people should remove the snow.



I think the two cultures are different, but they both make sense.



【Tochigi prefecture 】My home town also have snow season.


Snow festival is so beautiful !



By the way, snow is so moving!

If you visit Japan in winter, you’ll see a lot of beautiful scenery. Have you heard of the snow festival? My hometown is in Tochigi and there are some snow events there. Although Hokkaido’s snow festival is very well known, there’s a snow festival in Nikko, too. During the snow event, you can see lots of small lit-up Japanese-style igloos. It’s really mystical and worth a visit!

Yunishigawa Onsen Kamakura Snow House Festival


Winter Hot spring is so heartwarming !

hot spring


Do you like hot springs? My hometown is in Tochigi and there are lots of onsen, or hot springs. Also, Nikko is a well-known world heritage site. In winter, snow covers the mountains and shrines, and it’s really beautiful. In addition, Japanese-style hotels called ryokan have a quaint atmosphere in the snow. There are kotatsu, which are Japanese-style heaters, in each guest’s room. You can sit around the kotatsu and put your legs in to warm up. Then you can enjoy food eaten from Japanese pottery or soba while looking at the beautiful snowy landscape. It’s a heartwarming feeling.


Childhood memories

When I was a kid, I often played in the snow. I had snowball fights with my friends and we even built a snowman. It’s a really wonderful memory.

雪合戦 雪だるま


Please visit Japan after corona virus goes away.


Now, coronavirus is spreading all over the world, so it’s difficult to travel. In the future, if life returns to normal, why don’t you come to Japan in winter to see the beautiful snow?

If you have a chance, please visit Tochigi, too. You’ll definitely enjoy yourself!

Hot Spring is so nice!

Anyway, please take care about Corina virus now!

Thank you for visiting my page.



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