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Sometimes when I’m browsing Twitter, short clips appear that show young people dancing. These dances always look fun. 🙂 


Have you seen it?



Tik Tok, an application that’s popular with young people

Another clip I once saw showed a potato, and somebody punched the potato and it turned into French fries in a flash. Clips like these are very entertaining for audiences. They’re featured on TikTok, and I wanted to install that application, but the news has recently reported that there are big issues with it.


Tik Tok user survey in Global

Let’s look at the situation with TikTok users.

Tik Tok

A recent survey shows that about two billion people around the world have downloaded the app. The greatest number are in India, followed by the USA, Turkey, Russia, and Pakistan. Japan isn’t in the top five. That is very popular in the world.


The greatest number of TikTok influencers are in the USA, followed by India, Turkey, and Russia.

What should Indian Tik Tok user after that?

At first the Indian government wanted to ban TikTok and other Chinese apps. That became sensational news, and everybody was surprised. The Indian government claims that TikTok leaks personal data and that this is a security problem.


However, India is the second-largest market in the world and its population is around 1.3 billion, so I think it would be difficult for the government to control this situation. In addition, a lot of Indian citizens have already downloaded the app, and it’s a huge part of their lives.  They enjoyed it.india

How should The United States ?

The United States has been addressing the same issue. President Trump has announced that TikTok will be banned starting in the middle of September, again because of security issues.


On a related topic, I remember hearing about an American teenager who posted a clip on Tik Tok showing how to put on eyelash makeup. While putting it on she talked about the human rights issue . After that her account was deleted. This became a topic of conversation around the world. I didn’t know why her account had been deleted, and that was because back then I thought that Tik Tok was an American app. 


Tik Toker have huge power even president election

I also remember how some TikTok users and K-pop fans reserved tickets for Donald Trump’s Saturday night rally in Tulsa but then didn’t go, so that there were lots of empty seats. That sounds like a bad thing to do. The news was very surprised of us!

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How will be happen The USA vs China ?

The USA and China have recently been in a standoff. Unscrupulous but it will be interesting to see how it turns out. The Chinese government has criticized the USA for banning TikTok.

That seems like the pot calling the kettle black. Currently Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can’t be used in China because the government there has banned them. What do you think? That’s the same kind of action, isn’t it?

Also, TikTok has two different apps, one for China and one for all other countries. Isn’t that weird? Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are global, and every country uses the same apps. It’s hard to understand why there are two versions of TikTok.

Anyway, people have to think about the situation and decide whether they should use TikTok. There have been lots of suspicious news items about it.


As for me?


Tik Tok is very attracting but I’m not going to download it because I am not teenager. ha ha … 🙂  I can’t dance…



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