#Black lives matter opinion as Japanese

How did things turn out like this? The United States is dealing with a very controversial matter. It all started when a police officer killed a black person. I understand that people are demonstrating and urging the government to make changes. I can see the situation only on social media and TV, so I’m not sure what’s really going on, but it sounds like a serious and bad situation.

Some extremists have been rioting, and a shopping mall and a CNN office were destroyed. New York’s 5th Avenue looks strange: all of the display windows have been covered by plywood to protect them from protesters. It looks like a civil war is going on.

I’m Japanese, so it might be difficult for me to understand racism in the USA, but I understand it a little because I once experienced anti-Asian discrimination in Europe from a US tourist. I was really sad when that happened. Yes, human rights are an important issue, and a demonstration is one method for demanding them.

However, I don’t think riots are a good idea, because people who aren’t involved can also be affected. As everyone knows, the coronavirus is a big issue right now, and everybody is supposed to observe social distancing. However, that doesn’t seem important to the demonstrators. I saw a woman answering a question about this from a reporter. She said that it didn’t matter whether they were killed by coronavirus or by racism.

The demonstrations have spread to other countries, like France, England, and even Japan. Why Japan? I don’t think Japanese people have any complaints against the Japanese police.

This is my personal point of view, but the mass media hold quite a bit of responsibility for this. They’ve used the news to stir people up, and I think that they control and manipulate public opinion. Trusting the media is very risky. I always check several news sources because each one tends to have a bias.

There are lots of things I don’t know. Incidentally, I’ve seen lots of news about this issue, but most media sources don’t say why the man who died was arrested. I think that’s weird. Also, the demonstrations I can understand, but why are people stealing from shops?

Some in the media say that the people who are rioting are with Antifa. What is the rioters’ ultimate objective? Some political scientists say that they want the government to reduce the funding it gives to the police. I understand that the US police sometimes use excessive force on criminals, but not all police officers do that. Most of them defend justice and have good attitudes. The mass media have cherry-picked the bad things that the police have done and released that information.

The Hong Kong demonstrations provide a useful comparison. The police there also used excessive force on citizens (throwing tear gas and so on), and a lot of demonstrators were injured by the police. Hong Kong is also in a very serious situation right now due to the National Security Act that China recently passed. Freedom of speech might be disappearing there. It’s a matter of life and death.

Some journalists say that the Chinese Communist Party planned the BLM to distract attention from its own issues with Hong Kong. Well, that’s an intriguing idea.

A lot of celebrities have expressed their views about # Black lives matter on social media. They’ve posted black screens on Instagram and objected to discrimination against black people.

I understand that, but I’d like to ask them about reverse discrimination. The company Uber Eats provides a good example. They recently announced that black restaurant owners’ deliveries would be free this year. How about white and Asian restaurant owners? That sounds like reverse discrimination. I don’t think it’s a good idea to divide people by race. If you’re true to one side, you’re against the other.

This is a serious issue. People have various opinions, and the media will go on controlling the imagery. There’s a lot of information, and people need the ability to discern whether claims are true or not.

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