Lack of daily necessities

When you go to a drugsytore, the first thing you’ll notice is that daily necessitiedseem to be in short supply. When I went to the local drugstore, ther was no toiltet paper or feminine hygiene products on the shelves. I was surprised to see this.

Somebody had propably posted some fake news that toilet paper is just as important as face masks in not catching the Coronaviirus.

Although the manufactures have said that toilet paper has nothing to do with the Coronavirus, people just can’t stop hoarding toilet paper. Why? Everybody knows that face masks and toilet paper aren’t the same!!

I thought that this kind of thing happened only in Jpapan. However , I saw on the news that a similar situation had recently occurred in the USA.

According to the news, people were waiting in long lines at Costco just to buy toilet paper. It seems that panic buyinghas also started in the USA.

President Trump has said that people don’t that panic because the Coronavirus is under control. However, the CDC has put out information that contradicts him.

Whom do you believe?

During the pandemic, people want to redule their fear. They can do that by buying items that they think they need even if they have to wait in long lines.

According to some psychologists, people want to get a sense of relief rather than the imes itself. People will get in line and buy an item even if they know that it’s all based on fake news.

That’s a vicious circle. OMG!!!!

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