Hotel work

A friend who works in a hotel gave me some information about hotel work. This is disappointing information for travelers, and it might be better not to know.

I talked to her about my experience of staying in Kanazawa. During my stay, I got a blanket from the front desk due to it being very cold. She said the blanket may not have been washed. In addition , she said that bed sheets aren’t changed every day. I don’t want to sleep on sheets that the previous guest uesed.

In addition, the person who cleans the rooms uses only one cloth to clean everything from the coffee cups to the bathroom. She advised me to wash glasses and cups before using them.

I recalled some news about air travel from a tweet somebody had posted. During the flight, the airline provides meals on a tray for passengers. According to flight attendant’s tweet,the trays aren’t washed and are only wiped using one cloth for all of them. Her advice is to sit towards the front of the plane because you stand a better chance of getting a cleaner tray. Also blankets aren’t always washed.

Yeah.. Backpackers might not care about these things, but I want things to be kept clean to avoid getting ill from bacteria like Corona virus now is hot word..

Corona virus is spreading in the world so that everything is supposed to definetely clean up carefully. OMG…

Let’s take care and wash your haaaaaand!! ✋

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