Japanese Passports

There are lots of countries in the world, I’m not sure exactly how many.

I’m Japanese, and as a matter of course I have a Japanese passport. I’ve also been to lots of countries without having visas for them, and I alwasys used to think that this was normal.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, the Global Passort Ranking shouwed that Japan and Singapore had the most ” powerful” passports.

Citizens from those places were able to approx 200 different countries,  As a Japanese person I was proud of that. However, the situation has totally changed due to the outbreak. The CDC is going to take steps to increase travel security. India is going to stop issuing visasto Japanese people, and some other countries are taking the same action, while others are requiring Japanese people to stay in quarantine for 14 days after arriving.

There will be more of this in the future. That shows that this is a pandemic!!  Isn’t that right , WHO???

The image of the “strong” Japanese passport is collspsing. I’mreally sad about that. I’m not able to go abroad as easily as before. Well, recent figures show that Japanese people these days don’t travel overseas very much anyway. Only 23 percent of Japanese people have passports, and young people these days tend to not be interested in forign countries.

Well, from now on. let’s focus on inside Japan !!! There are lots of beautiful places..

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