I saw a movie called Promised Land

I can’t decide what to watch.

One day recently I was really bored, and I decided watch a video on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It always takes me a long time to decide what to watch. Sometimes it takes a half hour or an hour, and in the end I often give up on watching anything. That happens frequently.

My favorite actor is Matt Damon

This time I decided to watch a movie starring Matt Damon, who is one of my favorite actors.

I’d already seen lots of his movies, but I found one I hadn’t seen called Promised Land. It’s about the US oil industry, and Matt Damon plays a character who works for an energy company. He goes to a small farming town to negotiate the purchase of their land so that the energy company can dig for shale there.


It reminded me of news reports I’ve seen about water and land pollution caused by shale mining. I’ve also read a book on the topic. Thanks to shale, the US can keep its distance from the Middle East more than it used to.

When farmers sell their land they get a lot of money, but when they sell it for a purpose like mining, the farms are polluted, and of course the farmers can never come back. They lose their farming livelihoods.




In the last part of the movie, Matt Damon struggles with this situation. The film takes a very thoughtful look at environmental issues.

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