How to recover when you feel down

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I think that everybody has had the experience of feeling bad after failing at business, getting a broken hart, fighting with a friend, etc. Of course I’ve had lots of those experiences, it’s difficult to avoid them.

There are people who dwell on these events for a long time afterward, and I’m that way too. It’s best to get over the situation and not wallow in regret, but that’s very difficult.

A famous Japanese You Tuber has explained how to get over such experiences. He says that the best thing is to do something creative. THis means to produce something-for example, draw a picture, write a poem,, a blog, or dialy, or cook something.

Doing something creative helps you recover. He says that the action should be something that you come up with yourself, because it’s important to think for yourself. Anything creative is OK, even a small thing. Of course his suggestions are supported by some university reserch.

I think these blog are a kind of crative action, After writing one I always feel better.

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