Reading a book


I may be behind a bit but, my New Year’s resolution is to read 50 books this year.

I read a book titled Japanese People Don’t KNow About World News. When I went to the bookshop, I was attracted to the title and looked through a couple of pages and decided to buy it.
The book is as folloiwng.

It says there’s a huge amont of information in the world. Even jounalists find it difficut to verify it becasue some media are very biased, and some informaiton is exaggerated and fake.

The book ranks the most reliable media, and mumber one is the New York Times, followed by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the BBC. I could see why bacause the New York Times always cites evidence in the reporting.

I know that the Japanese media desn’t report non-sensational news, and the information they give out is very biased. The book indicated that the reason is Japan is a very safe country, with clean politics, no criminality and no demonstrations. People might not need information from the rest of the world due to the conditions inside Japan. This is why living in a safe country is something that Japanese pepple take for gtanted.

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