Corona shock!!!

What are you into? Me, I’m into baking,reading, watching movie, and traveling. (but as everyone knows, traveling is difficult reighy now.). 

A friend of mine has been into FX trading these days. She’s been checking the stock-exchange graphs every day, and she says they’re very volatile due to the Coronavirus. I don’t know much about the stock market, but I’m sure she’s right because the media have been making a lot of noise about that. Japanese businessed are being hit hard, but other countries are in the same situation.

By the way, nobody has been calling the outbreak COVID-19, almost all media sources have been using ” novel Coronavirus”, and Secretaruy of State Mike Ponpeo recently called it the “Wuhan virus”. After that President Trump sent a tweet in which the called it “Chinese virus” . Hmm, that may be good name for it!! What do you think about that ?

However. some have called it the “Japan virus”  Why ? A lot of countries suspect that Japan’s quarantines are insufficient. However, the Japanese goverment has been taking more effective action than goverments of most  other countires, and I don’t think very many people here have died fro the virus.

Anyway, the WHO should change its name to the “Chinese Health Organization” !!! 

Don’t you think ? Well… I’m not xenophobic!!

Thank you for visitng my page!!



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