STAY HOME WEEK due to Corona virus

Golden Week has finished. Most people make plans to go somewhere in the holidays, and I was planning to go on a trip to Europe. However, everybody had to cancel their plans due to Coronavirus. It’s a shame because no one can go on a trip.

In addition, people have been asked not to go out unless they have to, so most people have been at home all day long. The government named it Stay Home Week instead of Golden Week. It reminded me of a similar word: staycation.

It’s a combination of stay and vacation. Stay means stay home, so it’s a holiday spent in your home country instead of going abroad or to a tourist area.

It was my first time staying home during the holidays. Actually, I think all generation Y and Z people are the same as me.

The government said that people should change to a new lifestyle, which means they should always think about protecting themselves from the virus. People should practice social distancing, and everyone may have to wear masks for a while.

Oh my god! What about my Green Day ticket? Will I still be able to go to the concert? It might not match the new lifestyle, so maybe I should ask for a refund. 😥 

I think life is going to be boring for a while.

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