Locusts in Africa

Locusts remind me of a fall event that used to be held in my school days. The students would go out into a field and try to catch jumping locusts, and the person who caught the most won.


Locusts are edible, so these were sold to the food industry. This event was fun for all the students, and it’s a good memory for me. But I can’t eat it. 😯 

However, right now locusts seem to be quite different from what I remember. The Food and Agriculture Organization says it’s quite serious.

Recently the news has reported on huge swarms of locusts that are causing destruction on a vast scale across East Africa. Locusts eat as much farm produce in one day as 35,000 people. This is going to cause a food shortage. In addition, the region is dealing with coronavirus, and the towns are on lockdown, so exterminators can’t get in to eradicate the pests.


After eating all of the crops in that area the locusts will move on to the next region, going from Africa to the Middle East, India, and China. In addition, locusts have been greatly proliferating due to climate change. Oh, my god!

Contagious diseases, food shortages, and natural disasters. It seems that an apocalyptic era has come. I hope all this is over by the end of the year.

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