Which is better: working from home or going into work?

work office or home


Hello! I’m Sarry from Japan.
As you’ll know, the world has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
I’d never imagined this situation before.
Your life style has changed unfortunately.
Also working style has changed.
I would like to share about it.

The world has completely changed!


world changed

Before Corona I used to enjoyed travel abroad.

I went to Vietnam at the end of 2019, but I had no idea that this would happen.

When I went to Vietnam, there was a huge end-of-year event, and a lot of people got together to count down to 2020. I was really surprised – there were so many people that it seemed like all of Vietnam was there! It was a good experience because I really like traveling and meeting people around the world.

After that I started thinking about my next travel destination.🛫






However, the world has totally changed. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Did you ever imagine a situation like this on a global scale?


Lifestyles have totally changed


social distance

Unfortunately, people’s lifestyles have totally changed, too.

I had a concert ticket to see Green Day because they were planning a Japan tour. Unfortunately, the concert was canceled due to coronavirus. I was really disappointed because I’d really wanted to go.


greenday ticket

You can’t go overseas, hold parties, or go to concerts. People have had to cancel a lot of plans to avoid infection.


I like cafés and I often go to Starbucks, which is really nice. It’s the third place I’ve noticed since the pandemic started that has clear partitions between the tables. It’s very annoying. Actually, every place these days has partitions between the seats.


Everyone has to maintain social distance to avoid infection. When will it end?

Do you think life will go back to what it was like before the pandemic?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so.



Where do you work after corona ?



My working style has also changed a lot.

I work from home most of the time these days. At first, it felt weird – I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like. What do you think about remote work?

Which is better: online or offline?

There are Good and Bad  Point .



Let me make a list of good points about remote work:

Good Points

  1. You don’t have to commute.
  2. You can use your time flexibly.
  3. You save time and money by not going outside.
  4. You don’t have to worry about how you dress.
  5. You don’t have to see your boss.


The bad points are:

Bad points

  1. You don’t get much exercise.
  2. It’s difficult to switch between work and private mode.
  3. You feel isolated and lonely.
  4. It’s difficult to concentrate because there are too many distractions.
  5. It’s difficult to talk with your co-workers.


Which is better at office or at home ?

There are good and bad points. Which do you think is better?

I live in a shared house.

shared house

Housemate who is American prefers offline.

 I’ve discussed this issue with one of my housemates, who’s American.

He prefers studying offline because he feels isolated when he can’t see his classmates, and he can’t stand sitting in front of a PC all day.

It gives him a backache, and because he eats too much at home, he gets fat, too, so it’s unhealthy.

He wants to take a walk to see things and sometimes stop to take photos of beautiful flowers.

He wants to see his classmates, too.

That makes sense!



My Japanese housemate like online

I also asked another housemate, who’s Japanese.

She prefers working online because her commute is exhausting and she doesn’t want to see her boss, who is apparently really selfish and bullies her.

She doesn’t need to get up early. Also, when she goes to work, she has to do extra work like answering the phone, so she can’t concentrate.

She wants to work at her own pace at home.

I see her point.

remote work

Hmm.. for me I prefer…

Anyway, I prefer working from home because I can use my time more effectively.

I like baking, and since I’ve mostly been working from home recently, I bake cakes, bread, scones, and other things before I start work. → My sweets recipes



I even have time to read books. This is a good point.

On the other hand, I’ve been getting lazy recently from staying home all the time.

As a result, I think it’d be nice to do half my work at home and go into work, too.





How about wider point of view ?


stimulate the economy

However, from a wider point of view, it may be important for people to commute to stimulate the economy.

Usually, when people go to work, they stop by the convenience store to buy a drink. After work, they go shopping at department stores to buy cosmetics and other things.

People go to bookstores and cafés, so they spend money during their commutes. I think that’s the best way to turn the economy around.


You need change your mind, from now.


Well, people need to change their thinking.

They can’t do things the same way as they always have because working styles, travel, business, and communication have completely changed.

That brings back some good memories of the world before the pandemic. Maybe I need a time machine!


Thank you for visiting my page! 🍀



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