Movie★My Blueberry Nights


One day recently I found a brochure for a movie in my bookcase, and it made me very nostalgic.


It’s one of my favorite movies, and I saw over 10 years ago at a theater.

The movie called My Blueberry Nights.

Have you seen it?


Movie★My blueberry Nights

It’s a very romantic and beautiful road story.

And it’s stars Norah Jones, Jude Law, and Rachel Weisz , Natalie Portman.

The main characters are Jeremy (Jude Law), a man who owns a small café in New York City, and Elizabeth (Norah Jones), a young woman who has just had her heart broken.



One night she goes into Jeremy’s café and has some blueberry pie that he’s made.

It’s very sour and sweet, and eating it is both painful and heartwarming to her. Jeremy and the pie heal her broken heart.


If you met wonderful cafe owner like Jude Law  ….

Jude Law plays the café owner.

If anyone with a broken heart met him at a café, that person would definitely recover. He’s cool and wonderful.

Check the movie out!

Elizabeth goes to trip to heal her broken heart..

After that experience, Elizabeth goes on a trip.

On the 57th day after her heart was broken she meets a man in Memphis who’s an alcoholic and who can’t forget his ex-wife (Rachel Weisz).


On the 251st day she meets a beautiful female gambler (Natalie Portman) who doesn’t trust people, and she and Elizabeth go to Las Vegas.


Elizabeth thinks about their lives, about what love is, and about what she should believe.

Finally she decides to go back to New York and tell Jeremy about the things she’s realized.


Travel helps heal your broken hearts.

Travel helps heal broken hearts, and sweets are also good for you.

Blueberry pie is a key item in the movie, and I once baked one that was like Jeremy’s.

Why don’t you have some sour and sweet blueberry pie sometime and think about Elizabeth?


After that you can take a trip as she did to find yourself!

That would be difficult right now, but someday soon it will be possible.


Thank you for visiting my page!


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