One of my favorite places is bookshops

There used to be several bookshops in my town. I’d usually drop by a booksop after work and look at the magazines, novels and stationary that they sold there. I lijke to walk around in bookshops.

Unfortunately, my favorite bookshop closed. I think it closed because of Amazon and kind of online bookshop. It’s bery convenient. You can shop at home anytime and make a purchase wiht just  a click of a button. 

There are tons of books on their websites. You can even buy imported books. I understand the convenience, but when I buy a book I want to pick it up and look at it directly. I also want to feel the paper. You can’t do that on the Internet.

At a bookshop, you can talk wiht the staff about books. SOme staff members really know their customers and what books to recommend. You can’t beat that, Some bookshops even have an adjoining cafe, which is a good thing for the customers. They can buy a book or magazine and then go to the cafe to read it. You can read your book or magazine while having a cup of coffee. ☕This is kind of lovely experience is possible in an analog worl only. You can’t do that in a digital world..

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